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Catherine Mastropolo Coppotelli

This Company Coppo Cakes is a tribute to my loving grandmother who lived for her family. She was a fantastic cook but an even better baker. She taught me at a very young age that everything you make has to be made with love. This is why I take pride and joy watching families enjoy our product.

Torta Sbriciolata

(John Coppotelli Sr)


This is John Coppotelli Sr. (Minnio) tribute to my dad and my son's Grandfather. Johnny (Minnio) was an exceptional cook. We grow up in the food Restaurant business (Family Owned) Tucky's Pizzeria, John's Pizzeria, Riveria Cheatue, Coppotelli Other Place, Bowling on the Green, ect. My family in one way or another have always been in the food business. Coppo Cakes can now be bought by all instead of desserts in stores, Coffee Cafe, delis, ect.



Gourmet Cupcakes

Everything Made Fresh & Individual Warpped

No Crumb, Left Behind